Quick Thoughts – Volume 4

I don’t care how cool you think you are, you’ll never be as cool as David Lynch’s hair.

Quick Thoughts – Volume 13

You don't know real struggle until it's 148 degrees outside and you insist on drinking hot coffee because you like hot coffee. Please keep me in your thoughts.

Quick Thoughts – Volume 18

Downside: As we get older, time seems to fly by. It's almost 2019 already. Upside: Auld Lang Syne never gets old. 

Quick Thoughts – Volume 3

“The year is 4571. After World War XXIV, most of the human race has been wiped out. The remaining humans spend most of their day arguing about...

Quick Thoughts – Volume 10

Truth. So much truth.

Quick Thoughts – Volume 16

I’ll tell you what doesn’t get nearly enough love as it should - lemons. Think your water is boring? It is, but add some lemon wedges and start...

Quick Thoughts – Volume 6

Best inventions of the last 20 years: 1. GPS 2. Chromecast 3. Shazam Right? Am I missing anything?

Quick Thoughts – Volume 14

The person who came up with the Spanish terms for the numbers 60 and 70 was clearly taking the piss, no? Sesenta and setenta? Are you serious? I have...

Quick Thoughts – Volume 12

Our laptops and mobile phones are filled with thousands of bacterial genes and germs. Clean your phones and laptops, and wash your hands before eating. Don't be...

Quick Thoughts – Volume 1

Hey, people on Instagram Stories, no one is buying that you’re having soooooo much fun. No one has that much fun all of the time. I am onto...

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