I have a theory.

As with any theory, it is not absolute — but damn it, is it fun.

But before we get into it, I would like to mention that, from a very early age, I have been a huge fan of music and film.

I’m not exactly a fly-by-night, here-today-gone-tomorrow admirer who’s come up with some baseless theory without putting some thought into it.

Fine, you may still think that when we are through here, but at least I have said my piece.

Okay, so here goes my theory — when you are a kid, you tend to watch movies with kid eyes, but you listen to music with adult ears.

Did I lose you already? Allow me to explain by taking you through my thought process.

The other day, I got to YouTubing music videos, as sort-of-millennials are known to do from time to time.

I decided to look up 1980s songs that I knew I loved as a kid.

I listened to a lot of songs and not only did they immediately take me back to my childhood, but I still enjoyed EVERY single one.


Even now, as an adult, I loved them all.

So I decided to come up my very own top five list of songs that most remind me of my childhood. Here’s my list:

1. ​Madonna – ​La Isla Bonita​. Fantastic song and video. This was Madonna in her prime. What more could you possibly want?

2. ​Glenn Medeiros – ​Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You.​ This is the first song I remember liking when I arrived to the United States. I used to sing it in the shower and I didn’t even know the language. Aw, I’m adorable.

3. ​Debarge – ​Rhythm of the Night​. My God, what an unbelievably catchy song. Perfectly ‘80s.

4. ​Wilkins – ​Margarita.​ Now, you’ve probably never heard of this song, but it’s also impossibly catchy and from ​Salsa,​ an important movie in the scope of this blog entry.

5. ​Michael Jackson – ​Bad​. You may have heard of this guy. While I love MJ’s entire catalogue, this one reminds me most of my childhood because the fantastic, 18-minute video premiered on primetime CBS. It was a huge deal at the time, because anything MJ-related was a huge deal at the time.

Imagine a music video premiering on CBS today — it would be a foreign concept.

There are a lot more songs I love from the ‘80s, of course, but this is a blog entry, not a thesis paper. Here’s a History of Music in Film.

Okay, so this is the part of the experiment where you may ask, “Ok, so what? Why is this news? Why are you wasting my time?”
History of Music in Film


Well, those fuzzy feelings I have about music are different when it comes to movies.

As an adult, I’ve rewatched some of my absolute favorite films from when I was a kid — movies such as 1986’s ​No Retreat, No Surrender ​(Jean-Claude Van Damme’s first major role) and 1988’s Salsa,​ the aforementioned flick.

And let me tell you, they simply do not hold up. The script and acting leave a lot to be desired.

Which, all in all, is why I think we tend to watch movies with kid eyes, but listen to music with adult ears.

We rarely stop liking the songs we used to love, but some of our movie preferences may change with age and discernment. There is, of course, irrefutable ​science behind the music stuff, as it relates to pleasant memories​.

And, oh yeah, can the movie thing simply be because flicks in the 1980s were mostly terribly acted and campy?

Well, yes, maybe so — but that’s for another blog entry.

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