The iPhone’s camera is one of its best features. You can take clear photos with it, but its quality is not on par with professional cameras.

That being said, you can improve the quality of the photos you take with your iPhone with accessories.

Accessories support the inbuilt camera features of your iPhone and turn your phone into a much better photography tool.

With different iPhone camera accessories on the market, one may be confused when it comes to deciding which accessories work best.

The accessories in this write-up include those that will enhance the features of your iPhone camera — from tripod stands to macro lenses to wide angle lenses to more.


Camera Lens Kit by Zeso

iPhone Camera Accessories and Lens


Instead of getting individual accessories, why not get a kit? Zeso’s camera lens kit is a great option for those looking to turn their phones into professional cameras.

This camera kit includes macro and wide angle lenses, selfie remote control, multipurpose tripod, universal phone clip, an advanced CPL polarizer filter, and a hard storage case.

Each of the accessories that make up this kit makes up for specific iPhone insufficiencies.


The wide-angle lens allows you to take magnified photos, while the macro lens allows you to take close-up shots at a distance.

The lenses come with durable plastic strips that fit firmly to both the front and back cameras. The advanced CPL polarizer filer ensures light is properly scattered around the object of focus to create sharper professional-looking photos.

Proper dispersion of light is important in photography. And tripod stands? They are important to properly balance a camera. Instead of holding the camera in one’s hand, the included tripod stand holds the phone in place.

You also will have your own Bluetooth wireless remote control, mostly meant for selfies and tripod shots. This remote control fits into the remote control system of most iPhones and improves the quality of selfies.

Millennials, am I right?

A waterproof case is also included with the kit. Water is the enemy for these accessories, so this absolutely helps.


Insta360 ONE 360 Video Action

The Insta360 ONE 360 Video Action Camera is an ideal accessory for turning your phone into a movie-making machine.

As per 9to5mac, “the Insta360 ONE is compatible with the iPhone X, iPhone8/Plus, iPhone 7/Plus, iPhone 6s/Plus, iPhone 6/Plus and iPhone SE. It also works with all iPads from the iPad Air 2 on. The camera shoots 24MP stills, and offers a choice of three video formats:

  • 3840×1920@30fps
  • 2560×1280@60fps
  • 2048×512@120fps

It captures footage to a microSD card (up to 128 GB) and can livestream in 4K to YouTube, Facebook, Periscope, Twitter, and Weibo.

It has two f/2.2 lenses on opposite sides of the camera, offering a fully spherical view, and the sensor is a Sony 1/2.3-inch CMOS one that performs remarkably well. It also has a 6-axis gyro for stabilization.”

The SmartTrack technology of the camera allows you to focus on a particular subject throughout your videos, keeping the spotlight just where you need it.

This iPhone accessory also has a self-compensating feature that brings out the best features of the image, while the bullet time effect allows you to shoot hyper-slow motion videos.

Although the Insta360 ONE 360 Video Action Camera has been mentioned here as an iPhone camera accessory, it also may serve as a standalone camera.


Apexel 4 in 1

The Apexel 4 in 1 kit contains essential camera accessories. The accessories that make up this kit are a 12x zoom telephoto lens, wide angle lens, fisheye lens, macro lens, phone holder, and tripod.

The zoom telephoto lens allows you to take high-quality photos from a distance by magnifying the object 12 times its original size.

When you need to take photos that capture the roundness of an object, the fisheye lens provides the effect you need to create such high-quality images.

Additionally, all the lenses that are part of this kit can be attached with durable strips. The strips can be placed and removed very easily without scratching the screen of the phone.

Other items included in this kit are a mini tripod, a cleaning cloth, lens covers, a universal clip, and a specific clip for the telephoto lens. The components of the kit fit all iPhone models.

Proper alignment is, however, required to get the maximum effect from these accessories.

There are many, many more accessories out there for the iPhone, of course, so do your research and get to shooting.

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