Hello, everyone, it’s Sunday, October 9th.

I just finished watching the second presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and, if you watched it, you know it wasn’t pretty.

It’s been a less-than-stellar 48 hours for Trump, as his private conversation with Billy Bush came to light this weekend.

But besides that, as I was watching tonight’s debate, it was clear Trump was a little unprepared. Yet again. His advisers have anonymously gone on the record, incredibly, to say he doesn’t listen to them. Trump doesn’t strike me as the guy who sits down and brushes up on his foreign policy.

So tonight’s town hall debate got me thinking of something. I think what drew voters to Trump to begin with was that he wasn’t a politician. The general consensus is that a politician will say anything to get elected, but there is so much big money in politics, that the special interests of the wealthy will always be the priority of Congress and our president. And since many agreed that we need to take big money out of politics, Trump was someone that piqued some people’s interest.

And yet what may be hurting Trump now is that he is a non-traditional presidential candidate, so he seems out of his league. He gives sophomoric answers to questions that require depth and, even worse, doesn’t even answer the question at other times. Hillary absolutely has her shortcomings, but the difference is she has been in politics for the last 25 years, so she knows policy, domestic and foreign, like the back of her hand. In fact, when President Barack Obama was campaigning against her years ago, his advisers were worried that she knew policy much better than him. And they were right, of course.

And that’s Barack Obama, quite possibly the greatest orator since Martin Luther King, Jr.


So why do I bring this up?

Because Trump is, in some ways, a guinea pig of sorts. It’s not everyday that someone completely removed from the world of politics runs to become the leader of the free world. And, even less so, it’s not every day that the public believes in one enough to get him nominated to his party’s presidential ticket. Essentially the world is now seeing Trump for what he is, a businessman and a reality TV star who just wants to shake things up. And that’s fine, but is that enough? This is the hardest position in the land, maybe the world. Where is the commitment to learn policy?

Something to think about, is all.

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