Every gentleman needs three basic things in life — a tailored suit, an intoxicating cologne, and a proper stylish mens leather bag for work.

Oh, and some good beer. We need proper beer in our lives.

And a nice bottle of mezcal. And —

Listen, you get the point.

But if you are wearing a suit to work every day and are carrying a Jansport backpack, please delete my number. Be better.

There are much more stylish work bags for men out there.

Leather Envelope-Flap Clutch Case 


This case is a simple and sleek option for the business professional who does not want to carry much aside from their Mac laptop and a few documents.

It is made of genuine leather and has both outer and inner pockets.

Simple and effective — just the way we like it at Slick Kook.

Kenneth Cole’s Risky Business Flapover Messenger Bag


First of all, we love the name. Second, just look at that beauty in cognac.

The color, not the spirit. Although the spirit is delicious.

Kenneth Cole’s Risky Business Flapover Messenger Bag is beautiful, stylish, and made from soft, full-grain Colombian leather.

The Colombians are awesome at leather, coffee, and, well, you know. This flapover messenger bag is ideal for your professional necessities — laptop, tablet, mobile phone, business cards, you name it.

This messenger bag is going to look fantastic with your tailored suit and brown shoes.

Attache Briefcase by Killspencer

mens leather bag for work


Now we’re talking.

The Attaché Briefcase by Killspencer is style meets function and performance, with a strategic design to streamline your professional needs.

Killspencer’s aesthetic and sensible design is second to none.

Per Gadgets Wizard, “As for the design, this briefcase follows classical looks while at the same time it features some modern details, like all-black zippers and the laptop sleeve inside it.

It looks attractive enough to earn you lots of interested looks and its design not only aims for a pleasant outside, it also cares about functionality.

For instance, premium full grain leather used for making this is not only luxurious and extremely good looking, it also is very rugged and durable. It can survive anything and will make sure that the briefcase’s contents stay undamaged.

Further, zippers not only give the bag modern looks, they are also fully water resistant so you can dance in the rain with the bag without worrying your laptop will end its life prematurely by drowning.

And finally, the faux fur interior looks luxurious, but it will also keep your gadgets scratch-free and it makes interior extremely soft and comfortable.

On the front, you’ll find one zippered compartment that can be left open because once you unzip it you’ll find three slip pockets inside perfect for stashing sunglasses, a smartphone, and phone charger, pencils, your notebook, and other items for easy reach.”

Consider us sold.


What about if you’re looking for a more relaxed look? Glad you asked.

As per Medium, “The RAINS backpack is a hallmark of Danish minimalism; made from a special material comprised of a polyurethane (PU) exterior welded to a woven polyester fabric interior.

This gives smooth matte finish gives the backpack a look of leather-like elegance. I got the black color, but it comes in six other colors — green, brown, smoke grey, scarlet red, pacific blue, and moon white.

It has a slim, rectangular profile at 4.5 inches thick, with a single strap running down the middle which closes the flap with a single swivel hook clasp. Two button magnets also hold the flap in place.

Unlike most backpacks which have fat, bloated straps, the RAINS features slim, one-inch wide polyester webbing straps coated with PVC to give it a matching matte finish.”

We love Danish minimalism.

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