If you have ever watched old concert videos on YouTube or elsewhere, you immediately realize how those times no longer exist.

It was a different era.

Concertgoers and attendees seemed far more in the moment during those days — no mobile phones anywhere in sight.

Everyone seemed to have their eyes and ears focused on the music. And, sure, it would be weird if they all had mobile phones in society because then they would be time travelers.

The bottom line is this — we have an obsession with our mobile phones and while mobile phones are incredibly helpful for our generation, we need to understand they may sometimes hinder us.

There are times when we should strive to be in the moment. There are times when we should strive to be more present.

Jack White, Alicia Keys, and The Lumineers tend to agree.

If you happen to be at a dark concert and insist on taking photos and recording for 45 straight minutes, everyone hates you.

The camera light from your phone is annoying. I mean, you are aware of this, no? But even more so, how often do you go back and watch those videos anyway?

And let us assume you actually do watch, there are professional photographers and videographers there. They will pump out much higher quality photos and videos than you ever can, trust me.

Besides, how cool did the flames from everyone’s lighters look at music concerts back in the day? Really cool.

All of this is not unique to music concerts, of course. Not by a long shot.

Have you been out to eat recently with friends? Have you noticed how there is at least one person glued to their phone the entire time?

If you have not noticed, that person is probably you. And yet it is not necessarily your fault — both science and a variety of studies tell us we are addicted to our mobile phones. So now what?

Well, there are ways to fight back. Plus, there are developers who are trying to help.

This may all seem like an inconsequential, petty thing to point out, and to an extent it is. It is silly. There is a lot of truth to all of this, however.

The more time we spend on our phone, the less time we have to form a connection with the person in front of us.

Listen, it would be dishonest of me to not admit we live in the age of social media, but if we seem more concerned with nonstop documentation of a brunch meet-up with an old friend than we are about your actual conversation, or God forbid, the quality of your conversation, then it may be time to revaluate.

If we are more concerned with posting a video of a concert on Instagram than actually taking in the experience, then it may be time to pivot. That’s all.

mobile phones in society

Oh no, I’m turning into everyone’s mother. Never get old. This is what happens when you get old.

Anyway, this is solid advice. Eat your vegetables and put down your damn mobile phone once in a while and be present, you millennial.

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