Let’s take a moment to discuss relationships. Ew, amirite?

But seriously, relationships, like anything else, show signs when they are near their end.

It may be easy to get emotional with these things and ignore the signs that the death of a relationship is near, but we should avoid doing so — for your sake and your partner’s.

Do not waste your time on a sinking ship.

Yes, that is a photo of the motion picture, Titanic, starring Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet.

It’s a pun, you see.


But yes, let’s discuss some of the warning signs to look for.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Loss of trust

Relationships, from friendships to business to romantic ones, are built on trust. When that trust is somehow lost along the way, it is not impossible to come back from, but it’s an uphill battle. 

This should not be breaking news. Nobody wants to be with someone whom they cannot trust.

It is not a good feeling.

Without trust, you don’t have much left.

Well, aside from booze. You’ll always have booze.

Overdependence to Trust your Relationship

In any romantic relationship, a couple is dependent on each other to an extent. They both seek in each other to fill and validate their respective needs. 

This much is normal and expected. 

However, do not be Overdependent Othella or Overdependent Othello. Yay, alliteration.

The idea is simple enough — when one partner is overly dependent on the other, there is an imbalance and this imbalance gradually eats at the foundation of a strong relationship.

If a person ever feels like they are giving too much of their resources, whether the resource is time, money, or something else.

Without receiving a proportionate amount from their partner in return, the relationship is on its last legs. It’s inevitable.

trust your relationship

Lack of appreciation and respect

We all want to feel appreciated, but even more so by the person we’re romantically attached to.

Thank yous, kind gestures, and other forms of appreciation go a long way into sustaining a strong, healthy relationship.

When a person loves you, they will be appreciative of you and the efforts you make towards the relationship.

At least that’s what my mother says. 

So yes, send that bouquet of orchids to her office. Send her those delicious fruity, chocolatey treats from Edible Arrangements.

Make her the envy of her workplace. Make Susie B. from Accounting so jealous. The moment you stop showing any type of appreciation for each other is the moment things start heading south.

And not the good kind of south, either.

He changed the door keys


Kidding, of course.

Unless he really did do that. Oh man, what did you do?

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